This is our team

Richard Venter

Consultant (Transport and Logistics)

Richard has extensive General Management experience at senior level within multi-national and privately owned organizations, focusing mainly on Logistics Management. Whilst being inclined to the commercial side of business, he has vast experience in all facets of Business Management. Richard has qualifications in Commerce, Labour Law, and Strategic Management, and can apply his knowledge and experience to different situations and environments. “Customer first” is a motto that he ascribes to in every situation, and this has resulted in life long partnerships and relationships with a number of his clients and associates.

Chantelle Fourie

Consultant (Projects, Sales and Marketing)

Chantelle has been the in materials handling and Logistics industry for over 10 years. She is an extremely customer centric professional with extensive experience in this service driven environment. Despite being in sales for many years, she has a wealth of hands-on operations experience, and has managed and operated several projects involving heavy lifting equipment, sidelifters, crane trucks, and transport for freight forwarders, containerised freight clients, and project management companies.

“The love for becoming the “port of call” for my clients has always been an absolute passion, finding different solutions for their logistics challenges. Every customer is a special project to me, regardless of size and requirement.” – a statement borne out by many of her satisfied and loyal clients.

Justin de Kock

Consultant (Finance and Credit Management)

Justin is a seasoned finance manager with a wealth of experience in the financial sector. He holds a degree in Commerce and Law, and accreditations in RE1, RE5, and NCA. With his knowledge and experience, Justin brings a diverse skill set and extensive knowledge to his role as the Consultant for Finance and Credit Management.

With a proven track record in credit management, having worked with all the major banks he possesses a keen understanding of regulatory compliance and risk management, ensuring that all financial activities are carried out in accordance with industry standards and guidelines.

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